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Are You Utilizing This Valuable Tool?                                                               Methods of Equine Permanent Identification   Part 1

Microchips, though somewhat controversial, can be a valuable tool when needed. First let's go through the process of obtaining and inserting a microchip. They can be purchased through the association for a minimal fee. 

The insertion can be done by you but , might find that it's much easier on both you and the horse if you have your vet do it. The chip is administered simply by a needle and syringe but, that needle is no small deal. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice so the needle has to be pretty good sized for that size object to pass through. Your vet may or may not choose to use a local anesthetic because in the case of a horse the chip does not go just under the skin, it goes deep in the the nuchal ligament of the neck. 

Once the horse is implanted with a microchip it is easily identifiable, HOWEVER, this is not the end of the process. If the chip number is not registered with a national database it is not traceable to you as the owner except through your own breed registry. If not entered in a database the average vet, brand inspector or any person may not be able to determine what registry to contact to match you to your horse. 

A microchip can be used for certain association activities for identification of a horse and proof of registry and ownership, for instance a horse show. The chip can also be very valuable if your horse is found somewhere and you need to prove you own it, but that is only if you happen to actually find the horse somewhere. Registering that microchip with a national database helps them to find you! 

If the chip is registered with a national database and the horse is found and scanned, that number can be matched to you though that database which contains many horses of many breeds - not just one association. 

Microchips are not required for registry with the AFAH, but you can get your microchips here and with your membership with AFAH you do receive a discount on registering your microchip with Microchip ID Equine Inc. if you choose to microchip your horse . 

Here is a video of the implantation process. Video
Keep in mind, though it looks easy for the professionals, it is not necessarily that easy for the novice and can be particularly challenging in foals and young horses.     

Here is a photo PDF showing the process as well   
Implanting a microchip  Click Here 

In the next newsletter we will discuss other forms of permanent identification, loss or theft of your horse, what may happen and how a form of permanent identification maybe be a lifesaver! 





Summer is Coming !    What’s your story?

If you live in the South you may not have quite as much of an "awakening" in the spring time as those in the North do, but I think all of us have an appreciation for summer and good weather with our horses. Horses come out of hibernation, the polar bear coats shed off and the slick pretty steed emerges once again! We look Gooood! 

Summer brings adventure. Whether riding old trails or new ones, competing in fun or serious shows and events, it's always a challenge or an adventure with a horse and there’s always a story! 

We have to laugh at some of the humorous ones we hear of riding experiences, like this one that some women can surely relate to!

 It was a great day for a ride, beautiful weather, pretty trail, birds singing a happy tune and a friendly small group of riders to enjoy it with. Things were looking to be great!  Then after a few miles, one of the ladies decided its time to get off for a leg stretch. That’s when the excitement began! 

 Not to worry, no one had a rodeo experience and the horses couldn't have been more well- behaved, but the creation of a funny memory that would live in infamy and be repeated with fondness and giggles to the grandchildren someday was in the making! 

Though the situation should have been fairly simple, sometimes fate has a sense of humor. In this case, when leaning forward to release that opposite foot from the stirrup, the unsuspecting victim’s bra somehow became horrifyingly hung up on the saddle horn!

 Now if you've never had that experience, especially you guys, just consider for a minute if you were to swing over to dismount and somehow hung up your pant leg on the back of the saddle without knowing it, only to find out past the point of no return. The resulting position would certainly be less than flattering as you hang there head first toward the dirt with your entire pair of pants still hooked on the saddle! Just so you can relate, it's kinda like that!

Too late for her to stop because the other foot was also kicked out of the stirrup ready for dismount and so… well really no need to explain more! Suffice to say, the miracles of nature just got a whole lot more clear!

We’ve heard of the rodeo riders getting “hung up", once in a while it happens to the best, but usually with them it’s by their hand not by their… well let's just say other body parts!

So if you’re hung up in this precarious, need I say embarrassing position, now what? Unless a handsome pickup rider comes to your rescue, you remain hanging there pretty helpless! Images flash before your eyes of your horse running off into the sunset and of your funeral with the explanation of how you came to your untimely demise!

Fortunately for our ill-fated rider, elastic was not meant to hold up a whole person for any length of time, and things came to a snapping halt fairly quickly!

Needless to say, memories were created for all that day!


What’s your funny story? Send them in and we may just debut them in the future newsletters for the amusement of many! 



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